Change cooperatively

Why Change Management?

You want to secure the future of your company. What can you do? Maybe you re-align your business model. You focus on growth by fusion or merger and acquisitions. You rationalize for increasing cost-efficiency. Probably you invest in IT-infrastructure of your company.

Change Management assists you to realize your intentions. It is a structured way to handle the people side of change projects and to manage change processes. Existing processes, concepts and tools are not replaced but enriched with the people-side point of view.

With Change Management you will

  • ensure the support from important stakeholders and create management, employees and social partners acceptance, 
  • detect risks, obstacles and resistance as early as possible and be able to manage them in time, 
  • limit slumps in productivity and performance,
  • achieve success in your change process quickly, effectively and cost efficiently and realize the return on investment faster,
  • initiate learning processes and increase sustainability.

Change, although necessary, always presents a challenge to companies. Many projects fail, cannot completely be realized or exceed their time and cost targets. In many cases employees only use a few of the new functionalities or work parallel with their old but familiar proceedings. According to an AMR research 46 % of ERP licenses are not used. This means that almost 50 % of the investment fails.

There are many reasons: poorly defined objectives, employee resistance, a lack of management support and inadequate communication. Professional Change Management is there to address and solve these problems as well as to increase the performance of your company during the transition process.

Organizational change is the sum and the result of individual transition processes and changes. Most people wade through a vale of tears before they explore unknown terrain and accept new solutions.

With Change Management you will positively influence the depth of the individual vale and the throughput speed.