Change cooperatively

Service Offer

Project-related Change Management
I accompany your project or change initiative from the preparing over the implementation up to successful target achievement. Thereby I support the development of an internal team, who account and deliver the change. I support the internal players in compiling a Change Management strategy as well as in planning, evaluating and adjusting the change. For a reflection on the experience made and for the benefit of future projects I close with a ‘lessons learned’ workshop.  

Change Program and Portfolio Management
I support you in successfully managing multiple change projects.

Enterprise Change Management
I help you develop structure, processes, management systems, projects and skills of your company to perceive necessary change early and to cope with change more easily.

Further Service Offer

  • Management consultancy
  • Personnel and organizational development
  • Recruitment consultancy
  • Knowledge transfer, trainings, workshops and informative events
  • Communication process, methodology and support
  • Knowledge Management and ideas management
  • Workshop and discussion facilitation


My planning and implementation method enables the rapid and successful realization of change initiatives in all sectors and industries.

I have multiple professional experiences in

  • IT service sector
  • Automotive industry
  • Public sector