Change cooperatively

When to start Change Management?

Best you start with the initialization of strategic projects. You will be able to influence time and workflow and minimize resistance before negative consequences expand. If you start with Change Management reactively later in a project life-cycle, it's impact will be limited. Your main focus might be on damage limitation then.

When do you need Change Management Consulting?

Getting ready to plan a change project? If your plans meet two of the following criteria, then you need professional Change Management to achieve success quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

1. High impact  The planned project implicates far-reaching changes in organizational structures, processes, systems and task areas.

2. High complexity The intended change demands the cooperation of several business  areas, customers and external partners. Cultural differences also contribute to the project's complexity.

3. High number of participants The change project is targeted at a significant number of employees at one's own or a customer's company.

4. High degree of saturation Previous projects which failed or experience with weak Change Management are a long-term burden for companies. The loss of confidence makes future change initiatives more difficult. Also abrupt shift in new directions and parallel conducted change initiatives, which are not aligned are often intractable for the individuals. Demonstrably more and more employees are growing tired of change.