Change cooperatively

How does Change Management work?

Change becomes effective, when people put new solutions into practice. Organizational change occurs when many individuals behave differently than they did before. Change Management enables you to lead the organizational change and to support many individual transitions at the same time. Change Management becomes easier if  the tech solution focus on user motivation like piano stairs

Jeffey Hiatt appoints with ADKAR five elements, which are fundamental to design and control change processes.

A wareness of the need for change
D esire  to participate and support the change
K nowledge on how to change
A bility to implement required skills and behaviors
R einforcement  to sustain the change

The success of your change initiative pays respect to the best possible interactions of leadership, project management, change management and user. The following practical example points up how to distinguish the targets of the parties and to assess the success of implementation.

 Project Management

 Change Management

  1. Manage and keep guidelines for time and budget
  2. Keep requirements of planned solution
  3. Complete tasks
  1. Reach awareness for the demand and urgency of the change
  2. Get agreement and participation
  3. Mediate know-how
  4. Reach professional use of the new solution
  5. Secure sustainability and reinforement


 Individual Employee

  1. Enhance considerable acceleration of processes
  2. Establish collective systematic order
  3. Increase efficiency
  4. Open new forms of collaboration
  5. Being one of the most advanced administration units in Germany
  1. Reduce time-wise effort for research, increase ability in giving fast right answers
  2. Enhance quality, lawfulness and correctness
  3. Increase punctuality, maintain more deadlines
  4. Improve cohesion and knowledge transfer
  5. Reduce effort for filling in for colleagues
  6. Become more flexibel with mobile workplatform

A structured Change Management method helps you to manage the complexity of change processes and to plan, initiate, implement and control as well as post-process them.